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I enjoy listening to people, seeing their photographs and talking with people/families who want to tell their story/stories. I enjoy figuring out, with them, a way to tell it visually in my own style (see examples below and in the Galleries/Examples section). It is amazing, a kind of a miracle, to me, how much can be conveyed in an image, and conveyed instantly. ……….Call ( 252-481-1729), text, or email ([email protected]) or write me a message under “Contact” if you are interested in such a project. We can talk about what you have in mind or would like to do, how big you would like it to be, why or for whom you are doing this, costs, size (minimum is 30” x 22” so the viewer can “see” the story), etc. Below are some examples of what I have done in the recent past. This is original art about and for you and your family to pass down. Tells the story right there up on a wall.

Kansas Journey

Kansas Journey - tells a story of a family from Kansas, who's father worked at various railway stations for years, and then, called by the trains coming from and going to different worlds, broke out, went to college and then on to a professional career.

Heart of the Farm

Heart of the Farm - tells the story of several generations of the Douglas family, at Douglas Crossing, North Carolina.

January Farmhouse

January Farmhouse - A visual rendition of the poem of that name by James Applewhite, highly decorated poet of North Carolina.

Things That Matter

Things that Matter - blends the celebration of the Eucharist in the spiritual domain with a manifestation of the physical universe at the Large Hadron Collider of CERN. at the border of Switzerland and France where subatomic structure is probed.  This work hangs in the Karin Kabalah Center in Atlanta, GA.


Level 4 Knowing: Ms My

Level 4 Knowing: Ms My - tells the story of “Golden Champion, Cinco de Mayo, Margarita with Salt", aka “Maya” or “Ms My”, a senior lady dog, who has ADD and who likes to get into everything… hence her front legs seem to protrude into your awareness, as they do on you lap when she wants something.  As she looks at you, she always seems to be patiently waiting for you to figure out just exactly what she wants.  When you exhaust various possibilities, the answer is “play”… “I want to play”.  This spiritual creature plainly understands English, just cannot speak it, and really doesn’t need to.  She is made of stardust, as are we all.

Level 5 Knowing: Family Journey

Level 5 Knowing:  Family Journey - tells the story of a family journey of the heart, via Central America, across oceans and cultures, a journey that continues as symbolized by the unfinished boat. The Himalayas are a sacred place (Everest and the Southern Col are to the left), and a Christ figure is findable in the left lower quadrant.  This family is also big into boating…so journeying across water resonates with their souls.

Level 6 Knowing: Vedanta

Level 6 Knowing:  Vedanta - frames the story of the Mahabharata, the ancient Hindu Text about the lineage of King Bharat, which is actually our lineage, our story, our behavior.  The last part of the story, the well known Bhagavad Gita, is the story of the 18 day war between the Pandavas and Kauravas, wherein the Warrior Arjuna (a Pandava) gets off his chariot before the battle refusing to fight, and engages in a crucial discussion with his charioteer, who turns out to the god Krishna, who teaches him that he must fight, against what, and why.  The upper right quadrant shows the Sanskrit symbol for the word “Om”, the holy phoneme for God, and above that is the white light of Kether (Kabalah).  In the lower left quadrant is seen a figure representing  the Krishna/Christ Consciousness superimposed on Mt Everest and the Himalayas in a swirling matrix surrounding the Pleiades. The quotation is from the Bhagavad Gita.  This work hangs in the Karin Kabalah Center in Atlanta, GA.