"Seeing our universe with new eyes"

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I do mostly multimedia works - acrylic, oil, ink on canvas or heavy 300 lb paper, depicting recognizable see-through images (addressing the truth that everything, including ourselves, is mostly, 99.999% empty space), sometimes curved and warped to simulate our constant motion in spacetime (hundreds of thousands of miles an hour all the time) which makes for, to me, interesting juxtapositions of form and beautiful combinations of color and shape with this underlying reality thus depicted.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, a US citizen, the son of a US Foreign Service Officer (a line officer, not a political appointee). We moved around every three years to different countries. This gave me a broad perspective on life, languages, cultures, and the world.  My training in molecular biology and later in neuroscience bespoke a certain fascination with things complex, and gave me a feeling of awe for the complexity and beauty of the Universe.  It was not until, dissatisfied with the confines of logic, I turned to art and applied for and got into an undergraduate and then a graduate program in art at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC, while working full time as a physician.  There it was that I learned how to look and how to see and how to see color. I learned the difference between a drawing and a painting (I made a painting one time, and my professor said it was a drawing)! You think you know these things but I am here to tell you that you may not until you have reflected on the essence of these things - a drawing is mostly about lines!  Fold into this mix my seeing patients dying most days in the ICUs and EDs (hospitals), which constitute a steady existential exposure, and you have the background of my orientation and why I make art the way I do.  And as you might guess, I am growing spiritually more and more, working at this (which means in this domain meditating and praying as well), having just come back from a three week sojourn in India and the Holy City of Varanasi on the banks of the Ganga. All this is impacting in a good way what I know, and that impacts how and why I create art.


And I enjoy listening to, and then telling stories in my art…stories about people, animals, families, etc.  I can do this, using photographic references to create multiple overlapping see-through images, collapsing time, and emphasizing the most important elements and feelings.  The visual impact of an image is instantaneous, and can be huge!  It’s work and also fun to do, for me.  The stories are memories for me, and family memories for the families I create art for.  I draw some of my strength from them.